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Rohan Jagtap, Founder, BESPOKE Salon, Mumbai, speaks about favouring tailor-made designs for this clients with Kanishka Ramchandani, as he shares his ideas on hair trends for 2024.

What do you predict will be the dominant haircuts or styles for 2024?

Hairstyles for 2024 will be all about internal soft textured layering and strong outlines. Shag is over and out. For women, it’s the textured bob and for men, textured square shapes will be in vogue.

Are there any specific influences (celebrities, social media, fashion, etc.) you believe will heavily impact hair trends in 2024?

Sports personalities like Virat Kohli or Christiano Ronaldo are trendsetters for men. For women, celebrities such as Gal Gadot and Zendaya are inspirational fashion figures.

Do you foresee any significant changes in hair colour preferences or techniques for the upcoming year?

It may not be significant but is certainly going to be different. A combination of Balayage / placement colours / two tone global colours will be a beautiful and welcome change.

Are there particular hair accessories or embellishments that you think will become popular in 2024?

Treat your hair as an accessory for the overall look. Elements such as scarves and ribbons are best to accessories to team up with cool hairstyles.

What challenges do you anticipate in adopting these new trends in your services?

It’s not challenging to adapt to new trends as naturally anyone and everyone (hairstylists and clients alike) reach the saturation point with current trends. Hence the need / demand / urge for newness is always there, which is your new design. Incorporating these trends in day-to-day styling is what makes it your USP.

How do you plan to keep your team updated and trained on the latest techniques and styles for 2024?

Sharing, executing and flaunting it at our salon! For our hair team, it is easier to make them adapt to new trends once truly believe in them. Training the team technically is the second part. I think it’s important to keep the team in the loop of current international fashion trends and it’s the right way forward.

Keeping up with trends makes good business sense for hairdressers. What is your opinion about this statement?

We, at BESPOKE Salon, firmly believe in personalising it for every individual. You can take inspiration from current trends and adapt it with a suitable design for the client. For us, customisation is everything.

This article appears in the Dec 23 - Jan 23 Issue of Professional Beauty/ Hairdressers Journal India

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This article appears in the Dec 23 - Jan 23 Issue of Professional Beauty/ Hairdressers Journal India