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Making of A CHAMPION

Desmond Murray, photographer, award-winning hairdresser, Art Director at Atherton Cox Salon, UK, and global ambassador for Matrix, shares his journey in the world of hairdressing with Priyanka Parshurami.

He never stops learning and he never stops staying inspired. Inspiration flows to him through fashion, celebrities, social media, clients, and sometimes even a walk on the streets of London. He has styled hair for Meghan Markle and won world-renowned competitions such as the British Hairdressing Awards. He is Desmond Murray, Art Director at Atherton Cox Salon, UK, and global ambassador for Matrix.

An excerpt from his interview…

Getting started

“My journey in the world of hairdressing and photography began at the tender age of 16. Leaving school without a clear direction, I vowed to excel in whatever I pursued. This philosophy led me to a youth club, where I stumbled upon a hairdressing opportunity in Wolverhampton. Despite my initial hesitation about a career in hairdressing, I decided to take the chance, thinking, ‘what have I got to lose?’

The salon specialised in Afro hair, and under the mentorship of Audley Lahide, I absorbed knowledge like a sponge. My commitment to continuous learning led me to Salon International, where industry giants like Irving Rosk, Andrew Collinge, Trevor Sorbie and Charlie Miller became my inspiration.

Thereafter, I ventured into the world of competitions.

With newfound skills, I joined SNL, a chain of salons, and later became part of an artistic team under Harold Layton, based in Harrods. This period marked my immersion into inhouse training, image creation and education coordination.”

Journeying on

“Yearning for more knowledge, I set my sights on Vidal Sassoon, a decision that shaped my understanding of cutting techniques and instilled a keen eye for precision. Despite the internal conflicts, Sassoon provided the foundation for my future endeavours.

The next chapter unfolded in New York, where I co-founded a salon, only to face adversity when our landlord swindled us. Returning to England, I opened my salon in Covent Garden and later moved to Marylebone.

Throughout this journey, I delved into photography, a passion that grew from assisting and learning from Max Bradley and Paul Panett. Their influence guided me toward mastering both the art of hairdressing and photography. Max’s passing left me with a promise—to teach his son photography, a responsibility I carry with pride.

Now, as a global ambassador for Matrix, I contribute to shows and seminars worldwide. And, the recent highlights include shooting an album cover for Tori Amos and a campaign for L’Oreal.”

Trending now

“In 2024, hair trends are set to reflect individuality and environmental consciousness. I feel perms for men, particularly among the younger men, will make a huge comeback. Also, short styles with enhanced texture can return. It’s the same way that after Covid-19 women are loving their natural curls.

As for colours, I believe natural colours are anticipated to dominate, with a focus on enhancing them through glosses or semi-permanent rinses. Sustainable and eco-friendly products are expected to take centrestage, aligning with a growing awareness of environmental issues. 

Other than this, I believe the influence of social media remains a huge deciding factor as it continuously shapes preferences as clients seek inspiration from online platforms to tailor personalised styles.”

This article appears in the Dec 23 - Jan 23 Issue of Professional Beauty/ Hairdressers Journal India

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This article appears in the Dec 23 - Jan 23 Issue of Professional Beauty/ Hairdressers Journal India