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A Fresh Line-up

New beauty launches of the season

Make-up brushes by AYTYPRO

AYTYPRO’s all-new range of luxury make-up brushes is meticulously designed for professionals. Each brush is a perfect blend of exquisite natural goat hair and synthetic hair. This combination of materials guarantees seamless blending and precise application, making it a must-have for make-up artists and beauty enthusiasts alike.

Starshow Shadow Pot Collection by Moira

Moira’s Starshow Shadow Pot Collection is the answer to your quest for multidimensional, sparkling eye looks. Imagine buildable, loose pigment formulas infused with micro-fine glitters and lightreflecting pearls that effortlessly glide across your lids. Whether you are aiming for a sheer daytime shimmer or bold, show-stopping night glam, these shadows offer both versatility and comfort.

Rêvive by Europe Girl

Rêvive is an all-in-one and all-for-one make-up mixing liquid by Europe Girl. Simply mix it with your eyeshadow or gel eyeliner or brow pencil and watch the magic unfold. Whether you are a professional make-up artist or someone who simply likes to experiment, Rêvive is all you need to spice up your make-up game.

Formulated by a team of make-up experts, this mixing liquid is your one solution for everything. It has a quick drying and long-lasting formula to avoid hassles of reapplication.

Illuminate+ Lush Strobe Cream by Aqualogica

Use it as a highlighter on the high points of your face or mix it with your favourite moisturiser or foundation. This new cream is lightweight and intensely hydrating. It features the power of wild berries, alpha arbutin and hyaluronic acid, infusing your skin with hydration and moisture. Its lightweight formula lets your skin breathe while delivering intense moisturisation and an HD glow.

Rose Gold Daily Oil by Indulgeo Essentials

This product is 100 per cent pure, natural and free of any synthetics, fillers or fragrances and comes with 24K gold flakes. These gold flakes absorb right into your skin, leaving a natural glow. As an effective ultra-lightweight moisturiser with added anti-ageing benefits, it works for all skin types. The base of this oil is pumpkin seed oil, which is mixed with other essential oils. Pumpkin seed has been found to regenerate tissue and reduce the appearance of fine lines and hyperpigmentation. Zinc and Vitamin C help firm and tighten the skin.

Coral Red-Lava Vegan Lip Gloss by The Lip Balm Company

This new product is a double applicator lip gloss, for maintaining the health, hydration and vibrancy of your lips. It has a rich colour, thanks to the astaxanthin present in it. It also provides protection against sun damage. For your evenings, embrace the bold look with the Coral Red tinted lip gloss. Enriched with plant retinol, it delivers a striking red hue, while the inclusion of polypodium works at undoing sun damage and preventing lip darkening. The lip gloss is leadand cochineal-free, crafted exclusively from 100 per cent plant-derived ingredients.

This article appears in the Dec 23 - Jan 23 Issue of Professional Beauty/ Hairdressers Journal India

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This article appears in the Dec 23 - Jan 23 Issue of Professional Beauty/ Hairdressers Journal India