Popular picks for men

Gone are the days when all men pretended to be cowboys, letting dry skin, age lines and unhealthy hair run rampant. In today’s millennial age, one of the best and golden men grooming tips include keeping everything neat and trimmed. Evidently, men’s grooming is emerging as a whole new market in the country. We bring to you some popular brands for men grooming that you would want to consider for your clients in 2021.


Product: Beardo Studio Professional Hair Wax

Cost: Rs 350/-

Contact: sales@beardo.in | 94261 09184 | www.beardo.in

Description: We know that men love styling their hair but the fear of damaging them in the course stops them from experimenting. Beardo Studio Professional offers two unique products made using Beeswax and Aloe vera that will make hair styling all the more easy without damaging the hair. Strong Hold Crystal Hair wax is as clear as glass and gives the hair a definite hold and a perfect finish, while Beardo Extra Stronghold gives a stronger, longlasting and reshapable hold for one to flaunt those bold hairstyles. So, get your clients a stylish hairstyle and make a hair statement wherever they go!


Product: Solu Sea Salt Scrub 250 ml

Cost: Rs 1,800/-

Contact: Davines India / Salon & Spa Studio by Tangy Rose | info@davinesindia.com | 95821 44771 | www.davinesindia.com

Description: The Solu Sea Salt Scrub from the Davines Essential Haircare family is an amazing hair care product for men. It is formulated with Sea Salt and beet sugar for deep cleansing and conditioning action. It refreshes the scalp while removing impurities, build-up and pollution particles for providing long lasting cleanliness and also provides additional texturising effect, hair volume and incredible shine.


Product: Daily Detox face wash

Cost: Rs 1,210 for 150 ml

Contact: 011-4160 1987 | www.ekta.in

Description: This triple action mousse does an in-depth skin cleansing and also restores balance by accelerating cell renewal process. It not only removes impurities from skin but also improves the texture of skin. It contains glycolic acid and vitamin C, besides the combination of cleansing agents. It is suitable for all skin types.


Product: Perfect Matt

Cost: Rs 1,700/-

Contact: www.kryolan.com

Description: Perfect Matt is a velvet-soft gel that smoothens out irregularities on the surface of the skin and simultaneously forms a thin base over the skin that serves as an outstanding base for various makeup preparations. The gel-like consistency in this product also increases the moisture resistance of the foundation, which results in extensive durability of the makeup. Be it a photo shoot or an everyday look, this product from Kryolan can be used on all occasions. The best part: the vitamin complex in its formulation provides the skin with the much needed care!


Product: Elemental Bathing for Men Gift Pack

Cost: Rs 1,300/-

Contact: Rajan Kalra | info@manive.in | 70456 11714 | www.manive.in

Description: Manive, a wellness and grooming brand for modern men, has drawn inspiration from the elements of the universe – Earth, Aqua, Fire and Wood – to curate products that bring wellness and aromatic indulgence to the everyday lives of men. All cleansers by Manive consist of skin loving ingredients such as Shea Butter, Kokum Butter and Vitamin E that give intense hydration and nourishment to the skin. A beautifully wrapped elemental bathing pack of Earth, Wood, Fire and Aqua soap by Manive is not only responsible for the planet and wellness of men, it is the best choice for a luxurious gift for modern men.


Product: Charcoal roll on wax

Cost: Rs 200/-

Contact: 18001209959 | info@biosoftline.com

Description: Biosoft’s Charcoal Crème Roll-on Wax Cartridge is a premium waxing product that provides for painless and hassle-free waxing. The Roll-On Cartridge contains the Charcoal Crème Liposoluble Wax that is blended with activated charcoal. The activated charcoal in this product removes bacteria and other impurities from the pores. It also removes dead skin cells and absorbs excess oil. It brightens the skin, purifies the pores, and treats oily skin and ingrowth. Due to the presence of Beeswax, this product provides a protective layer on the skin and keeps the skin hydrated, making it perfect for sensitive skin with coarse hair. Beeswax is also a natural exfoliator, ideal for removing dead skin cells.


Product: Rhodium Hair Trimmer (Limited Edition by ASBAH)

Cost: Rs 7,790/-(offer price: Rs 5,845/-all inclusive)

Contact: ASBAH Customer Care | info@asbahproducts.com | 92221 30140 / 92221 40150

Description: Here’s a trimmer that nobody will love to miss because of its decent battery backup of more than 90 minutes, with a well-tested technology and durable all metal housing. Its carbonised steel blades are sharp yet skin-friendly and has been created to suit the finer hair thread structures of the deeper skin. Currently, it is among the best buys in the professional grooming segment given its RPM of 7500 and a low maintenance trigger switch with the ergonomic design for a hand perfect grip. What’s more, the product comes home delivered with one year warranty, lifetime repairs and services.


Product: Smoothing Protein Mini Kit

Cost: Rs 5,000/-

Contact: 18001209959 | www.cadiveu.in

Description: Brasil Cacau Smoothing Protein is suitable for all hair types including resistant and thick hair. This product reduces the volume, provides up to 50 per cent relaxed look, restructures the hair making it frizz-free, reduces the styling time to one third, and results into manageable hair, sleek and ultra-shining hair with movement.


Product: Crea Biorganic Modelling Wax

Cost: Rs 1,684/-

Contact: Nitin Sharma | 98211 74439 | nitin@hyporia.com | www.hyporia.com

Description: This is a unique and innovative wax that is water soluble and made of natural ingredients. Apart from styling, it is known to repair and smoothen your hair too – even after removal of wax. The hair quality is bound to improve even with the regular use of Maxxelle Modelling Wax. It is made of organic argan oil that gives a shine, lustre and softness to the hair. It is known for its restorative, regenerative, protective, anti-free radical, repairing and smoothening properties. One-of-its-kind, the wax prevents hair from thinning and yet adds shine and smoothness. This offering is 100 per cent paraben-free, vegan and cruelty-free. This plus, all Maxxelle products come in a compostable packaging (higher grade then eco-friendly). Compostable packaging ensures that even post use, the jars and boxes do not cause any damage to environment – leaving zero per cent carbon footprint. This compostable packaging is unique to Maxxelle and no other company in beauty and cosmetics offers certified compostable packaging. PBHJ