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Why should girls have all the fun! In
RBI monetary policy brings relief to salons, beauty parlours,
News: Ingredients & Packaging
Cosmetic ingredient market to grown at a CAGR
All about men!
PBxHJ brings to you an overview of all that is trending in men grooming, factors driving growth and popular picks that could benefit grooming services
Popular picks for men
Priyanka Parshurami showcases some of the leading brands for men grooming in 2021.
The Hair Fare
Find out what’s trending in hair this season!
Cut to style
Hair Artist/Educator Mandy Kinn showcases a selected variety of cuts and styles that she has created with Olivia Garden’s PrecisionCut Shears and detangling, styling, and finishing brushes.
Its beard!
The pandemic times have made it even more vital for men grooming salons and stylists to educate their clients on beard management and styling. PBxHJ offers tips on beard management and takes a close look at styles trending in 2021
Trending beard styles in 2021:
Subtle Stubble: For those who are yet to
FOUR stunning collections that show the talent in our industry
A safe pair of hands
As a hairdresser your hands are your most valuable asset, so it’s important to look after them for a long and healthy career
“It is important to be open to learning always.”
Alistan Fernandes, Advanced stylist, BBlunt Salon, talks about his initial days as a hairdresser, importance of training and learning, and the power of social media, in conversation with Shriyal Sethumadhavan.
My Biggest Challenge
A quest for a fade in Brighton ignited a passion in Keri Blue to spread the message about gender neutral barbershops far and wide
Mr Rizzo London breaks down a long, layered cut that is soft and textured, but egdy at the same time
New on the Block
We bring you a selection of the newest and best products from the beauty world this month!
What’s in it for men?
Italian Luxury brand for men grooming Davines & Comfort Zone, shares insights on conditions pertaining to skin and hair related to men, and offers solutions for the same
With Pride Month being celebrated in June across the world, Armand Beasley shares makeup looks trending this year
Facial awareness
From face masks to increased exposure to blue light from digital devices, the lifestyle changes brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic have led to some new skin concerns
With contact allergies a growing concern, Amanda Pauley caught up with tech Georgie Smedley to find out how to prevent them from occurring and get her top tips for working safely
Built on the principles of sustainability, Sushmita Sarangi details the eco-friendly approach adopted by JIVA -Taj across India
THE Shape of Spa TO COME
Following a year of on-off lockdowns, the spa client has changed. Kieran Read gets the lowdown on 2021’s treatment trends from some leading spa executives from around the world
Looking into the future
Priyanka Parshurami reaches out to industry experts for their predictions on what will the beauty industry look like in 2025
Do you need a social media following to have a successful hair business?
Social media has become a crucial part of many salon strategies but is it essential? Two experts share their experiences
Rise through THE RANKS
Digital marketing specialist Kate Woods explains 10 ways to make your salon’s website a high-ranking one for your area, ensuring a steady stream of new customers
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Get vaccinated, NOW!
While the beauty and wellness industry is striving towards its COVID-free vision, Priyanka Parshurami reports on how leading beauty brands and experts are initiating the free vaccination drives
A series that brings the industry together on the @probeautyindia Instagram page! Did you miss joining us the past few weeks? We have got you covered
Growth, Nourishment and Styling
Manive offers a proportionate blend of eight natural and plant oils for a healthier mane