Its beard!

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It was not until a few years back, when the beauty and grooming industry bred a new wave in the menswear business by introducing innovative beard maintenance products and styling tools, leading men across the globe towards the idea of priming their beard as desired. This, in turn, led to a boom in the men grooming market and shifted the spotlight from just beard foams and brushes to evolutionary beard trimmers.

Then came the pandemic, and the grooming and salon businesses suffered appallingly. Amid this, a new emerging trend witnessed among men has been the quarantine beard. However, the question remains – are these being maintained and styled well with patience.

Here are some tips from Rayed Merchant, Director, SSIZ International, on beard management as he also shares insights on trending styles. With salons and barbers reopening now or in the process of reopening, this is certainly something that you may want to consider for your clients.

Tips on beard management

•Inch by inch: Facial hair growth can range from the speed of a snail to a lightning flash. But what really matters here, is to let the beard grow inch-by-inch towards one’s desired style.

•Trim it smart: A smart-looking beard needs a smart functioning trimmer, and Ikonic Edge+ indeed fits the bill. It will not leave one hanging, looking like a messy half ‘n’ half and will go beyond the trim and prune, giving an edge over other market players. With a smart and innovative trimmer like Edge+, one can indeed make a statement amongst the drove.

•Post-trim Maintenance: To sustain a healthy-looking beard, maintenance is a must, and to do so, you can invest in a good beard comb, which will help make your look fine and symmetrical.