What’s in it for men?

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Times are changing, and so are preferences! Evidently, there has been more consciousness towards men grooming, not just in India but world over. benefits, there has been a growing acceptance towards experiencing innovative products that are proven to work for Global market reports have it that the men’s personal care market is anticipated to reach US$ 75.8 billion by 2027 at a CAGR of 6.0 per cent. This plus, the APAC market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.4 per cent by 2027. It’s the era of millennials where there is a growing consciousness among men today, as compared to earlier times, about their looks and appearance. With an increase in awareness in men grooming products and its skin and hair nourishment. In view of this demand, prominent players in the beauty and cosmetics market have been collaborating and launching innovative products specifically designed for men.

Hair care

Men suffer from different forms of hormonal hair loss, which is technically called alopecia. Androgenetic alopecia is a hereditary condition that affects approximately 20 per cent of men from their 20s onwards and 50 per cent from their 50s, and this only increases with age. It is initially characterised by a reduction in hair diameter, and frequently seborrhea too.This leaves the temples and crown with less and finer hair texture and finally causes baldness.

In the present day, solutions are available to this condition, and one of it is from Davines.The company’s natural tech energising range is a family of five products that can be used in different combinations, depending on the diagnosis for the consumer. Fast and easy to use, the result is evident after one to two months post usage. Also, instrumental test reveal that hair loss is reduced by 27 per cent just after 56 days, and up to 34 per cent after 84 days of use.

Skin care

It is true that men generally have a physiologically strong and resistant skin, but daily stress and pollution lead to premature ageing in men too.A restless lifestyle can catch up to a person in different ways, including premature ageing.

Working at the cellular level, the Comfort Zone Skincare product line with Longevity Complex™, has potent organic botanicals and high-tech ingredients designed to meet the needs of today’s busy man. It’s a three-step skin care regime for skin health and glow: cleanse, correct, and protect. It is a collection of cleansers, boosters with highly concentrated formulas and SPF.This line corrects the most common stress and pollution related signs, such as dehydration, dullness, imperfections, fine lines, pigmentation and wrinkles.

Certainly, these solutions are worth considering for your clients who undergo related indications.