Pic courtesy: Muzna Butt

Globally, the month of June is observed as ‘Pride Month’ –a month dedicated to celebrating the LGBT community and their struggle against discrimination and social ostracism. with the rainbow flag being the universal symbol of pride for the LGBT community, six colour on the flag reflect diversity as wel as the spectrum of human sexuality and gender. Armand Beasley, UK-based International Makeup Artist, has worked extensively on a global scale right from exotic photo shoots to creating looks for the Oscars. Exclusively for PBxHJ India, he picks some popular make-up looks for the Pride Month 2021.

Pic courtesy: Muzna Butt


Male makeup does not have to be a drag this month. Be bold or be subtle but most of all – Be yourself. Pride, for me, is all about taking joy in who you are in that moment. Makeup has been used for thousands of years to tell a story about the wearer: whether it is their power- Pharoah or creating an illusion – Geisha. But whatever gender you identify with, let makeup help tell a story of how you are feeling in that moment for that day. it does not define you. It should be as versatile as your wardrobe. From retro punk to creating a subtle veil. This Pride...kiss and makeup!

Pic courtesy: Tom Pitfield Photography


Embrace and take pride in your body. This is not being egocentric, this is investing time and positive energy in yourself. Mattify the complexion, grooming the facial hair and enhancing defination helped to create this look.

Pic courtesy: Muzna Butt


Do not be scared to experiment with colour. Colour clash pigments and put a 21st century twist on punk. Makeup does not have to just be feminine and pretty, but it can be used to make a statement and of course has been used for thousands of years within tribes and ancient cultures as a status symbol as well as a sign of power. The focus of this look is textures as well as bold colours: matte powdery fushia pink, glittery colbalt blue, neon green and glossy black. I took the glossy black into the hair line to create an animal print effect. A quick change of lip and that gave a different effect to each look with minimal effect.