Cut to style

Men’s haircutting is just as versatile as what it is for a woman, and there are a variety of looks trending. Barbering rose to big bold proportions more than five years ago and has continued to trend even today. However, there is a rise in men desiring a short, medium, or longer length that is technically cut. Utilising shears to create a traditional foundation. Artistic Director Cherry Petenbrink recommends Olivia Garden’s PrecisionCut Shears, the perfect tool to achieve these styles of haircuts. OG PrecisionCut Shears have a lightweight design with a unique handle, with full precision control. These are specialised in defining contour. A deep indent in the handle and off set thumb allows finger to be closer to thumb for a steady, sharp lazar finish The variety of detangling, styling, and finishing brushes designed by Olivia Garden make changing up the look and style of one haircut easy. These brushes have some really amazing scientific technology that ensures smooth, frizz-free hair, thanks to the ceramic ion technology.

Here’s how I created this cut and a variety of styles:

Michael Styled Look #1

Apply a styling product. Blow dry with direction using the MultiBrush MB-26B (1 inch) to create a natural wave. Wrap the brush halfway down the section, pull the brush towards you and use the dryer heat to push the hair backwards, creating an S-shape into the hair. Unroll the brush until the end and repeat again (creating S-shape into the hair with dryer airflow). Repeat through the entire top horseshoe section of the head.

For the sides and nape, blow dry with NT-S40 in a downward direction, using the straight edge to help remove any growth pattern. If additional help is needed with irregular growth patterns or cowlick, use a fine-tooth comb in those areas.

Michael’s haircut step by step:

Step 1: Shampoo to ensure that all products have been removed from the hair.

Step 2: Section hair from recession area to recession area (creating a horseshoe section) and clip out of the way. *Pay attention to any growth patterns in the crown area.

Step 3: Using the Ceramic + Ion Hair dryer with directional and the EcoHair Detangler blow dry the sides and back section. If there are strong growth patterns in the hairline, you can also blow dry with the fine teeth of a comb. Begin cutting in the nape area using the scissor over comb method utilising the Olivia Garden PrecisionCut 5.75” shear working up to the horseshoe section. Continue to the side sections working with the shape of the head (detail around the ears). Use the barber comb to taper the hairline and finish using the Olivia Garden razor to fade the hairline and remove any fine hair on the neck.

Step 4: Proceed to top horseshoe section. Create a center parting. On the left side, take a thin parting at the recession area from the hairline to the back of the section. Cut the section parallel to the part line to your desired length.This will be a stationary guide. Repeat partings and cut to the stationary guide until you run out of hair.

The PrecisionCut Shears are must if you are looking for a shear that is lightweight and comfortable in the hand.The ergonomic offset thumb position gives great comfort for the wrist. With this shear, you are capable of full control while you create.

Step 5: Repeat on the opposite side.

Step 6: Cross-check to remove corner on the top. Blow dry the top as desired.

Step 7: Texturise the top horseshoe section with a slicing technique through the ends of the hair using the PrecisionCut shear. Other tool options are to use the Olivia Garden Edge Razor or 12-teeth texturising shear for this step.

Michael Styled Look #2

To create a more pompadour style: Apply styling product. Blow dry with directional using the Multi-Brush 26B (1 inch) to create natural wave. Wrap the brush half way down the section, pull the brush towards you and use the dryer heat to push the hair backwards, creating an S-shape into the hair. Unroll the brush until the end and repeat again (creating S-shape into the hair with dryer airflow). Repeat through entire top horseshoe section of the head. The multi-brush allows you to hydrate the cuticle and add shine to aid in eliminating frizz.

Use the Medium Finger Brush to brush the hair backwards and do slight lacing to add height. This breaks up the wave created during the blow dry without removing all of the texture while still adding volume.

Michael – Styled Look #3 – smooth

Apply a styling product. Blow dry with directional. Use a directional wrap technique utilising the CI XL-PROS. This brush offers anti-static bristles with ball point tips that are gentle for the scalp while blow drying. It also has large vents to maximise airflow for a faster and smoother result.

Finish with desired product(s).

About the author: Mandy Kinn is a Triple Threat Hair Artist – cutting, colouring and styling – with 20 years behind the chair. She is the owner of Spectrum Salon, Ohio, and currently an Educational Advisor for Olivia Garden-International. As a successful stylist and salon owner, Kinn believes that solid foundational skills are essential to personal growth and it is through education and experience that she is able to share these skills with others.