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Why should girls have all the fun! In an industry that is highly dominated by the millennial women, this edition, we decided to unmask everything about men’s grooming. And, while we are enjoying the monsoons in India, it’s going to be raining men this edition for our readers.

Here’s your destination to gather insights about the growing market for men grooming, in not just India but across the globe. This men’s edition also delves into how the pandemic era has impacted consumer mind-sets and purchase patterns; and how e-commerce has majorly led to an increase in the male grooming products and appliances.

•For brands that focus on male grooming products, a suggestion for your consideration would be to focus on digital with content published across social,YouTube, influencer engagement, as well as e-commerce strategy to expand reach. The whole concept behind our PBxHJ magazine being an interactive digital edition is also to help you expand your reach and be identified among a larger audience in the B2B space.

•There is certainly an opportunity for more male grooming salons and barber shops, not just in the metros, but expanding to the nonmetros and fast-growing cities too.

•For the existing male grooming salons and barber shops, relook at your services, sync yourself with the current demand and this could be a good time for you to consider making additions to your complete portfolio of services. •Also, with salons operating at 50 per cent, within restricted timings, and there being an existing concern of client footfall – you may want to revamp your business model from ‘only ladies’ to being ‘unisex’ (considering the increase in demand for male grooming services).

While these are some selective suggestions, the current times are tough – salons have recently reopened or are in the process of reopening post the second lockdown, and there are existing apprehensions related to business growth amid these uncertain times. But it has been absolutely inspiring to see the industry come together, initiate vaccination drives, and launch and extend campaigns to support not only employees and their families, but the entire beauty fraternity. This edition will offer you more details on the same.

Informative, educative, and insightful is how I would summarise this edition. While you will read much about men grooming – skin, hair care, and beard management – also treat yourselves with top tips for business growth, and all that’s new in skin, hair, and spa and wellness.

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Wishing you save times ahead and a useful read.