JIVA - Taj’s award winning, all-natural spa brand, offers a unique range of therapies that blend age-old Indian healing wisdom with the finest natural ingredients. Deeply rooted in ancient Indian wellness, Jiva embraces a deep understanding of mind, body and spirit. Built on the principles of sustainability, its environment protection goals focus on sustaining a healthy way of life.


Jiva’s designs are inspired by the principals of “Vastu Shastra”, the traditional Indian canon of space planning.The spa design embraces water bodies – for their calming visual effect, their therapeutic sound and the restorative attributes of soaking in water. Pockets of greenery, use of natural light and organic elements ensure that the spas are a perfect antidote for the weary. Our design elements include recycled building materials, landscaping with native plants, and unobtrusive light fixtures to preserve natural views.

Natural and sustainable elements are incorporated in our design, therapies and rituals to help reduce carbon footprint. Natural light streaming in from windows and skylights provide breath-taking views, while quality day lighting enhances people performance, mood and health.The use of energyefficient lights are prioritised. We are also equipped with water, heat and energy-efficient fixtures.

All the linen, including the spa robe and towels, and uniforms use 100 per cent natural fabrics such as organic cotton, silk, and wool, which are sun bleached and herbal dyed with Myrabolams, Pomegranate and washed at low temperatures.

At the Jiva-Taj Rishikesh Resort & Spa in Uttarakhand, the rustic spa walls and artefacts are made of riverside pebbles giving a natural, rustic finish.


Signature Jiva Spa Experiences, healing Indian therapies using natural and indigenous herbs and pharmacopoeia ingredients, yoga and meditation, mastered and disseminated by accomplished practitioners, authentic Ayurveda with Vaidyas (Ayurveda Physicians), are all complemented with meaningful rituals.

JIVA at Taj Rishikesh Resort & Spa, Uttarakhand, uses water from the holy Ganges river – the Jiva signature experience Shuddhi – along with holy ash from “Havans” (ritualistic fire ceremonies) for exfoliation. From involving local pundits in some of our rituals aimed at spiritual wellness, to employing local musicians and sound healing specialists for some of the healing sessions – we can offer it all.

The bespoke products used at Jiva are natural, handblended and uniquely developed from natural Indian herbs, essential oils, and pharmacopoeia. They are eco-friendly, sustainable, and cruelty-free. Our bespoke Asya blends are retailed in reusable glass bottles. The handmade pottery in Jiva is exclusive, toxin-free and ecofriendly, made using indigenous clays.


Jiva’s Wellness cuisine uses locally sourced ingredients such as locally grown turmeric and jaggery. Some of the herbs and produce are grown in the on-site organic herb garden that many of our hotels feature. This contributes to sustainability, while maintaining the quality of the ingredients. Being socially responsible, we are actively engaged with local communities and help building livelihoods.


In the recycling and conservation drive, water is of utmost relevance, since it is used for treatments, floral baths, tubs, pools, showers and operations such as laundry, cleaning, and landscaping. Use of sewage treatment plant (STP) recycled water for gardening, and landscaping and flushing, leads to saving huge amounts of water. Also, usage of open air showers at hotels such as: Taj Bekal Resort & Spa, Kerala; Taj Exotica Resort & Spa, Maldives; and many others, ensure sustainable water saving practices are employed at our spas.

The sustainable waste disposal policy involves recycling of garbage. Once the garbage is generated from the treatments, retail products and spa operations including cleaning, landscaping and pool operations is segregated into wet and dry, and the dry waste is recycled.

Attention to details in a holistic manner makes our propositions unique, socially responsible and sustainable.

Natural and sustainable elements are incorporated in our design, therapies and rituals to help reduce carbon footprint.

A bout the author: With over two decades in the hospitality industry, Sushmita Sarangi, Commercial D irector, JIVA and Niu&Nau, has worked with Taj across functions and geographies. Having done stints in sales, brands and marketing, she now spearheads the wellness vertical of Taj. During her earlier tenure, she has been responsible for positioning Jiva as the only Indian spa brand in the world. She has served on the FICCI Wellness Committee and has worked closely with the Beauty & Wellness Sector Skill Council to bridge the skill gap and develop a talent pool.