Trending beard styles in 2021:

Subtle Stubble:

For those who are yet to step into the beardy zone, stubble can be that first step.You can never go wrong with stubble as it suits most face shapes and is the easiest to maintain.


This is mainly for all those men who wanted to accentuate their staches for a long time. Well, the floor is yours! Go all out with a fuller moustache and spruce it up well, with the surrounding beard.

Faded Beard:

This impressive look, right here is a must try! To obtain this look, have a clean line on the cheek, fade it down the jawline, leaving the remaining portion in an arched chin strap. Easy and neat just like you desire.

Fuller Beard:

A bit on the high-maintenance side, this look will surely strike a statement amidst a busy crowd. Guys with oval faces will have no problem making it work, but if your face shape is different, you may need some smart trimming to ensure it suits you.

Evidently, the men’s grooming industry is set to only rise upwards, paving the way for styles, trends, and sundry year-after-year.