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“I embarked on this JOURNEY and SO CAN YOU”

Katia Raykova, International Nail Trainer and Glam Ambassador, Bulgaria, shows Priyanka Parshurami the best nail trends for 2024 and emphasises the importance of education for nail


“I personally enjoy starting and creating new trends within the nail industry, as I am constantly experimenting with innovative techniques. About a year ago, I introduced the concept of a milky white base for short nails and nail beds of longer nails, which gained substantial popularity and was embraced by many fellow artists. This was a departure from the traditional use of cover pink. I find working with milky white particularly fascinating, exploring different shades by adjusting opacity and incorporating a pearl effect. Additionally, creating metallic and chrome nails has been a recent interest of mine, a trend that’s anticipated to continue into 2024.”


“For the past few years almond and sharper nail shapes have been popular, but as of late the coffin and square nail shapes are becoming more trendy. In terms of colors, the upcoming year is expected to showcase a surge in metallic shades, pearl finishes, and chrome powders, which is something to look forward to. Additionally, bright and bling-y accents are set to be highly favoured.”

“Earlier artists drew inspiration primarily from fashion shows, designers and expos. However, the advent of social media has significantly streamlined this process. There are many trends that go viral through influencers on platforms like Pinterest, Instagram and more. Since most influencers either create or follow the latest trends, it’s best to follow them to stay in the loop.”


“The era of flowery designs in nail art, whether in acrylic or 3D form, has waned over the years. I recall a time when this trend was immensely popular, with nail sets adorned with multiple flowers on each nail. However, such designs have become a rarity of late and you might find one flower on a single nail in a set. We’ve witnessed a shift towards geometric patterns and abstract nail art as the prevailing trend.”


“Education holds immense significance in the realm of nail artistry, given its meticulous and intricate nature.

While basic techniques can visually look easy on social media and online platforms, these mediums may overlook nuanced tips and tricks, which are necessary while practicing. It’s very different from reality where you have to re-create the art on real life clients that may have different nail concerns.”

"Never stop searching for knowledge and be passionate about what you do. You can draw inspiration from everything! I did it, and so can you. Maintain an insatiable thirst for knowledge and fuel your passion for your craft"

“In this industry, it’s crucial to learn under the guidance of a specialised trainer with substantial experience. This setting provides a secure space for individuals to experiment, learn from mistakes, practice rigorously and gain essential skills. Additionally, considering the dynamic trends that continually emerge, it’s very important to always keep on upgrading yourself and learning new techniques at any level. Even I learned so much about the nail industry when I came to India. Embracing a proactive approach towards learning and being open to continuous growth is crucial - never hesitate to seek knowledge and push boundaries.”


“One common mistake would be assuming mastery of a new technique solely through observation via platforms like YouTube videos or Instagram reels. In reality, many nail art and care techniques have many minor but important steps that can be overlooked when watching abbreviated videos on social media. Thus, it’s crucial to undergo professional guidance to thoroughly grasp these techniques.”

“Another mistake is attributing errors to the nail products rather than acknowledging potential flaws in one’s technique. It’s important to focus on honing one’s skills and rectifying any missteps instead of placing the blame solely on the products used.”

Things you need to succeed as a nail artist:

1. Being passionate about the profession

2. Having good base level knowledge, so that you can build on a strong foundation

3. Regularly upgrading your techniques

4. Using good quality products

5. Knowing how to communicate and work in a team


1. Taking a nail course: Teaching requires a unique skill set. One has to be very patient during the learning process. Advancing step by step is crucial. If you skip a level in between courses, you could end up not completely understanding higher techniques being taught to you.

2. Taking a job as a nail technician: It’s essential to evaluate not only the pay but also the owner’s commitment to fostering your growth. The job should contribute to your growth as a nail technician, offering opportunities to level up and enhance your skills. A thriving nail bar with a consistent clientele is a good place to start.

3. Starting your own nail bar: Embarking on the journey of starting your own nail bar requires preparedness to shoulder a multitude of responsibilities beyond client nail services. This includes managing financial aspects such as rent, utility bills, employee salaries and ensuring a clean and organised workspace. Striking a balance between client services and behind-the-scenes responsibilities is vital for a successful and sustainable nail bar.

This article appears in the Dec 23 - Jan 23 Issue of Professional Beauty/ Hairdressers Journal India

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This article appears in the Dec 23 - Jan 23 Issue of Professional Beauty/ Hairdressers Journal India